Petite Noir is the stage name of Yannick Ilunga, a Capetonian songwriter, musician and record producer. His music is reinventing the African gaze by challenging the perception of what African music “should be”. He injects waves of synthesizer and bass lines with African beats, mixed with the sounds of live drumming. He has a cosmopolitan upbringing, having spent his earliest years in Europe and parts of West and Central Africa, then grew up in Cape Town and now lives in London. It is this upbringing that has shaped his sense of music, and is reflected in the music video for ‘La Vie Est Belle’ and the African art therein. The image exhibited on One Source Live shows a manipulation of space in a virtual reality, and how the African spirit reacts and functions in relation to the different “realities” in the world. Vote for the art you want to show the world.