About Absolut

Absolut is the world’s leading one source vodka. This means that every single ingredient, from the hard winter wheat grown in the rich nearby fields, to the pristine water from our local deep well, and the continuous production in the distillery, including the glass bottle itself, comes from one tiny village in Sweden called Åhus.

One Source. One wheat, one source of water, one location and one reason why any bottle of Absolut Vodka, anywhere in the world, has the same distinctive character and taste.

This is certainly not the norm when it comes to making vodka. But this is how Absolut’s always been made, without fail. It’s no wonder then, that Absolut’s always backed those who are absolute about who they are and what they believe in.

From the days of Warhol and Haring, Absolut has been a passionate supporter of creativity that challenges the norm.

Locally, Absolut celebrates African creativity and has become a torchbearer for Africa’s creative visionaries.

Africa is in the midst of a Creative Revolution, where African artists, musicians, and fashion designers are changing the way the world perceives Africa.

About One Source LIVE

One Source LIVE is a celebration of authentic African Creativity - a festival that will host some of the continent’s most groundbreaking creative talent, in music, fashion and art.

One Source LIVE takes place on 24 March 2018.

About the project

Like One Source LIVE, this particular project is part of a movement that promotes a proud and authentic African identity. By participating, Internet users can help change the search results for African art and design to be a true reflection of African creativity. They can do this online by choosing and selecting some of the best artwork by African artists across the continent - from South Africa to Ghana, Kenya to Nigeria.

It’s time the world sees that African art, design and creativity is not what you see in curio shops or international travel brochures.

Absolut wants to change what the world sees when it looks at African art online. With this crowdsourced initiative Absolut aims to help rewrite Africa’s story.

Africa Art | African Art | Simon Mary Collaboration
Africa Art | African Art | Manthe Ribane Collaboration
Africa Art | African Art | Manthe Ribane Collaboration
Africa Art | African Art | Simon Mary Collaboration