One Source Live is an innovative project that is changing the way the world sees African art. It is a celebration of authentic African creativity, part of a movement which is taking the art world by storm. One Source Live is part of a project started by Absolut Vodka which allowed online voters to choose a piece of art that spoke to their soul and show it to the world. It is a festival that showcases some of the best up-and-coming African artists from across the continent, including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and more. The African art seen at One Source Live aims to subvert the way the world views Africa and start a revolution in the creative spaces of the world. The art shown at One Source Live shows the passion, drive and pure talent of African artists that the world seldom sees. Here you will find exciting pieces exploring the narratives of African countries through photography, sculpture, fashion and other art forms. No topic is too taboo, and each piece is liable to ignite a fire in your soul and a renewed passion for an art form that was once only seen as tribal masks and ethnic patterns.